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What to Consider When Buying a Home

Buying a home is a great investment but choosing the right home can be difficult. The process of buying a home is complex and requires a substantial amount of time. To help make the process easier and less complex, consider examining the following points individually. Understand both the importance and rank of each aspect.All of the points below should be considered, but some will be more important than others, depending on you and your family’s needs.

Age of the Home

If you’re purchasing a new build this aspect is almost irrelevant but if you’re looking at older homes, be sure you’re aware of the requirements of an older home. Older homes can have great character but be sure you’re aware of the upgrades or repairs that are required. This includes ensuring you have both the time and budget to take on the repairs and upgrades.

Community and Neighbourhood

There are countless neighbourhoods within any given city. Some neighbourhoods are more tailored to families whereas others may be primarily occupied by seniors. Most neighbourhoods tend to have shops and services tailored to those who frequent them the most. Consider taking a drive around the neighbourhood to get a better feel for the lifestyle it accommodates or do some research on the area. This will ensure the neighbourhood is a good choice for both you and your family.

Location, Location, Location

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to really understand the proximity of the house in relation to the places you frequent the most: work, school, gym, family and friends. This means understanding the commute times. Consider driving during rush hour to your potential new home, this will allow you to measure the time and length of the commute. Even if the proximity of school isn’t important right now, do you plan on having children soon? If the answer is yes, consider the schools in the area and do some additional research to ensure you would feel comfortable sending your child there.

Proximity is not the only aspect of location. It’s important to decide if the location of the home within the neighbourhood is important to you. Do you prefer a corner lot or being close to the main exit? Do you like to be away from the main street or do you like to be close to the community green space? Regardless of what you prefer, be sure to consider all aspects of location.

Number of bedrooms & bathrooms

This may seem like another obvious consideration but it’s important to somewhat understand what your future looks like. If you’re okay with your kids sharing a room now, consider if this will be the same when the age difference is too great and one needs to go to bed significantly earlier than the other. Perhaps you don’t currently have children but would consider having some later on. The same thing goes for washrooms. If you like to entertain, having a washroom for guests on the main floor may be essential for you. Regardless of what your future looks like, be sure to consider the functionality of your new home.

Size of the lot & Maintenance

Most buyers neglect to consider the size of the lot but it can be important for a number of reasons. Creating an outdoor oasis can be difficult if the lot is irregular shape and has little privacy. A larger lot may seem appealing but don’t forget to consider the maintenance that comes with it. This means it’s important to consider what your plans are with the outdoor space, while ensuring you have both the time and resources to take care of it. 

Now that you have a better idea of what things to consider before buying a home, write down your: needs, wants and absolutely nots. This list can be simple but it will ensure you remember what’s important to you when viewing homes. Remember, the list isn’t rigid, it can be modified but don’t forget what’s important to you, if you get discouraged. Buying a home is a long term commitment which means it has to be functional.

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