Winter Renovations: The Best Projects to Work On This Season 

Contrary to popular belief, spring and summer aren’t the only seasons for home renovations. Winter is actually a great time to complete home renovations as there is more availability for contractors, bigger store sale days to take advantage of, and with fickle winter weather, home renovations can provide us with a good reason to stay indoors. Your renovations can be done to repair parts of your home that need updating or attention, or completely redesign the look of your home with an aesthetic face-lift. If your home repairs keep getting put on hold, this is the perfect season to let those long-awaited projects and renovations take flight! Whether your looking to take on a big repair or a small upgrade, it’s time to get to work. Here are some rewarding ideas to inspire your winter renovations!


Finish Up Your Basement

It’s common knowledge that a finished basement increases the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell or if you are just looking for a more comfortable living space, this winter season is a great time to get started on transforming your basement. The first steps are to establish a general plan and to determine a feasible budget that meets your requirements. When determining your budget, take into account the goals for your basement renovation and any repairs you’ll need to complete. The next step is the execution of your project. If you are handy or have experience in renovation, this may be something you can DIY, however, if this is not your strong suit you should consult a professional for a flawless renovation. 


Transform Your Garage

If you find that your garage is getting a bit too messy for your liking, this is a great season to begin it’s transformation. It’s actually not uncommon for a household’s garage to be untidy and cluttered. In fact, it’s quite a prevalent issue. It’s worthwhile to invest some time and effort into cleaning up that space and giving it a refreshing makeover! There are many ways you can spruce up your garage. Adding in functional storage units, organizational features, or even upgrading existing fixtures can take this otherwise bland space to a new level. Top it off with a new garage door or paint/stain your existing one come spring and voila! In no time at all, you can have your new, tidy, organized and visually appealing garage space to enjoy.


Remodel Your Kitchen

Have you been dreaming of fixing up your kitchen? Your kitchen dreams do not have to be a mere aspiration. There are many ways to remodel this room on any budget, and winter is a great time to get started. A good kitchen remodel has an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) rate, and also is found to be appealing by potential buyers. Depending on the time and money you want to put into your renovation, you could upgrade your countertops, replace your appliances, and even change up the layout! Most kitchens are the central gathering spot in the home, making this investment one of the best you can make in a home upgrade. The possibilities are endless and the outcome can be enjoyed by all. 


Repaint Your Interior Walls

With time and wear, the condition of your walls are sure to deteriorate. If you’ve noticed that your walls have gotten to a point where minor touch ups aren’t optimal, it might be time to consider repainting. Patch up any holes or imperfections and choose a colour that brings your space together and reflects your personal style. Restoring the quality of your painted walls is a straightforward way to refresh the overall appearance of your home, and winter is a great time to get it done!


Don't let this season fool you into thinking you can't renovate your home! The weather conditions may be unfavourable but the timing for home upgrades and remodels is not. There are countless projects to keep yourself occupied with that are worth the time, effort, and investment. Take advantage of your downtime this winter and get your home looking its best!


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