Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away 

Keeping Your Home Safe While You're Away


In the winter months of the year, many of us tend to fly south seeking sunshine and beaches. However, while you’re away on vacation, you’re going to want to make sure to keep your home and property safe from a variety of factors. Even if you don’t feel that your home is at high risk, it’s always nice to have some extra peace of mind that everything is safe. You’re on vacation after all!


Home Safety


Installing an alarm system can be a great preventative measure. Alarm systems aren’t solely useful for when you’re on vacation, either. It’s very practical for keeping your family safe while your home and may ease the mind of some more anxious people.


If you’re close with any of your neighbours, consider asking them if they’re comfortable parking in your driveway while you’re gone. This can give the illusion that someone is there, which can be enough to deter any unwanted attention from your home. If you’re able, consider setting timers on your exterior lighting to make it seem like you’re using them. Stow away any spare keys to your home, even if they’re well-hidden under mats or behind other pieces of furniture. Consider a lockbox, in case you need someone to access your home while you’re away.


One small, easy thing that many people forget about is to check whether or not they have any packages or other mail arriving at their home. Occasionally, some packages left out in the open may be taken and lighter ones can be blown away. If you have something arriving while you’re away, use the tracking feature and consider asking a friend or a neighbour if they could pick it up and hold onto it until you’re back.


Property Safety


If you live on a property with any trees or large shrubs, ensure that there are no branches in close proximity to your home. You can’t control the weather, but you can control if you’re prepared for it. Although the forecast may not call for any winter storms, ice can easily begin to form and create a hazardous scenario where walls, windows and other structures or items could be damaged.


Check to make sure that your eavestroughing and drainage systems are clear of ice and debris and check to see if they’re working properly. If not, this could cause flooding or damage to your home or the systems themselves. This is especially important while you’re away from your home for extended periods, as any damage or flooding could go unchecked until you’re back.


When you get home, you may need to clear your driveway. Ensure that you buy any salt or sand that you may need before you leave, since having to go back to the store right as you arrive home is never fun.


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