Home Upgrades to Tackle During The Winter Months 

Home Upgrades to Tackle During The Winter Months


It’s no secret that November can feel like a slow month. As the fall colours fade and the weather gets colder, you’ll likely find yourself inside more often. If you’re looking to accomplish something productive this season, there are many indoor home upgrades that I’d recommend adding to your list for this winter.


Kitchen Upgrades


Kitchen upgrades are a great option since you’ll be getting so much use out of them. 


If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen, try upgrading the countertops or replacing the cabinetry. If new cabinetry is a little too pricy, a more affordable alternative is to paint them. Consider a new kitchen table, or maybe swap out the surrounding chairs for something more modern. 


If you’re looking for something more functional, consider upgrading your appliances. Commonly, refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers are a priority. Beyond that, you can try upgrading your sinks or replacing the floors with quality tile.


Bathroom Upgrades


Bathrooms can be upgraded and remodeled to fit any look and feel. 


For an upgrade in style, try installing a larger mirror to make the space feel more expansive and adding plants to the room that thrive on the high amount of moisture. This is another space in your home where I would recommend upgrading the countertops, cabinetry and tiling.


For appliance upgrades, consider replacing your current bathtub with a freestanding one, or remodeling your shower. New bathroom sinks or a more modern toilet can also have a noticeable impact on the space because of frequent use.


Living Space Upgrades


If it’s your living space that you’re looking to upgrade, first choose a style that you’re going for.


If you’re looking for a smaller upgrade, consider applying a fresh coat of paint or adding a rug that matches the decor. Think about the details and what decorative pieces you can add or remove. If your budget is a little higher, try installing a new lighting fixture. If what you’re trying to achieve is something more of complete overhaul, start with the couches, chairs and tables. Also think about redoing the hardwood floors if they’ve taken a beating over the years.


Looking to sell?

If you’re reading this article because you’re hoping to sell your home this year, there are certain upgrades that you should likely prioritize over others. If you have any questions about where to start or where to go next, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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