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Enjoying Ottawa: Summertime Staycation Destinations

While residents of Ontario are generally relieved that the province’s reopening plan happened faster than originally anticipated, many people are still somewhat hesitant to do any cross-border travels or vacations just yet. Luckily, there is still plenty to do close to home that will make your summer break one to remember for years to come. This is a great way to pocket some money and thoroughly enjoy the pleasures and hidden gems awaiting you right in your own backyard. Ottawa and its surrounding area are beautiful and filled with culture, a variety of ecosystems, trails, and parks, making it the
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How COVID-19 has influenced people to ditch the city and move to the country

COVID-19 has had incredible effects on all aspects of human life, from the way we socialize to how we conduct our everyday lives. Corporations and small businesses have all had to adapt to the new normal. This means learning to work from home, while caring for loved ones, all while trying to keep somewhat of a personal routine.  If corporations and small businesses no longer have office spaces, employees can theoretically live anywhere that supports high speed internet? Perhaps the small town on the water, that you used to visit as a kid, or even another province that you’ve always
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Recently social media has been filled with people taking the #TenYearChallenge. The premise is simple, share your profile picture from 10 years ago side by side with your current one. It’s a fun way to look back at the past and see how much we have all changed. We thought it would be fun to take our own #TenYearChallenge and see how things stack up in Ottawa Real Estate  compared to ten years ago. Setting the Stage: Ottawa in 2009 2009 in Ottawa had its highs and its lows. Larry O’Brien was mayor and some of the highlights for the
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